Marie Alles Fernando
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Portrait of Marie Alles Fernando oil on canvas done by chairman of the Sapumal foundation Mr. Harry Pieris.

Who was also Secratary of the 43rd Group of Painters and a portrait painter himself.
For any inquiries please contact
Marie Alles on
Mobile: (+94) 0779 490 815
Land Line: (+94) 0112 886 845

Brief Bio

"The Beauty Of Sri Lanka Does Not Lie Merely In Its Sun Kissed Shores And Yearly Festivals; It Lies In Everyday Life, In The Streets And In The Temples That Bear Witness To The Footsteps Of Sri Lankans. Capturing This Beauty Has Always Been Marie’s Vision. For Her, It Would Almost Be A Crime Not To Boast The Beauty Of Her Motherland As She Sees It, And So Marie’s Life Has Taken Her On A Continuous Journey Of Discovering The Magnificant In The Mundane."

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